Overwater Marina welcomes shared ownership boats

Overwater Marina

on the Shropshire Union Canal

  • VALETING: External provider
  • PUMPOUT: Full pumpout service on turnround days, otherwise self-service
  • MOORING ARRANGEMENTS: Dedicated berths
  • MOORING FEE (60ft boat): £2,500
  • TURNROUND DAYS: Friday and Saturday
  • EXTRA FACILITIES: Coffee shop/bistro
  • WEBCAM: Yes

Overwater is a brand new marina in a stunning setting serving the western side of the Four Counties Ring and offering all the usual facilities along with a bistro café and excellent visitor services. Servicing and turnround checks are done by Overwater Narrowboat Services. Valeting - both internal and external - is offered by BCBM for the boats it manages.

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Shared ownership narrowboats currently thought to be moored at Overwater Marina

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Boat details last checked on Tuesday, 31st October 2023

Name Len Stern Layout Shares Berths Bkg Engine Repl Loos Mgmt Launch Web
Benbow.62S/Trad<S D G B E Z )126DrawNanni2BCBM2003
Breaking Dawn61S/Trad<Z B S D G )12.54DrawBeta1BCBM2016
Chaulden58S/Trad126ListBMC 1.82SELF2000
Dawn Til Dusk61S/Trad<S G D B Z )12.56ListBetaBCBM2015
Firefly58S/Trad<S D G B Z )126FlexiCanalline20191BCBM2007
Kingsley60S/Trad<S D G B Z E )124ListNanni N4.432SELF2009
Otter.47S/Trad124ListBeta 381SELF1991
Padworth58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBeta 4320132SELF2003
Rowington58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )126ListNanni 4.43KC20142BCBM2000
Spellbound58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListNanni 4200he2BCBM1997
Swallow58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )106ListNanni 2.220122BCBM1994Yes
Swallow.58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )106ListNanni 2.220122BCBM1994Yes

Moorings for shared ownership boats will depend on availability of space at the time of an enquiry.

We realise that many other bases will also welcome shared ownership boats, so please let us know of any that should be included here. We would also welcome any updates to the information shown or any suggestions for adding to it.

Please email any suggestions to Andrew.

Boatshare - the shared ownership of a narrowboat - is a cost effective way of enjoying a narrow boat holiday cruising the canals. For around the price of a week's narrowboat hire, you can own a share of a quality narrowboat and cruise for three or more weeks each year. Shared ownership means shared costs. If you own a twelfthshare in a narrowboat, then you pay only a twelfth of the cost of maintaining the narrowboat. Narrowboat boatshare has been growing in popularity for more than 20 years. There are now more than 200 shared ownership narrowboats on the English and Welsh canals. Buying a narrowboat boat share can cost from around £2,500 to £10,000 for a twelfth or 8% share. Boatshare is not timeshare. The boat is owned by a syndicate, and the syndicate has arrangements for choosing weeks on board the narrowboat. Narrowboats are sometimes incorrectly called barges. Canal cruising holidays are one of the best ways to slow down and relax, while enjoying the English and Welsh countryside and its wildlife as well as seeing a significant part of Britain's industrial heritage. Boatshare of a narrowboat means that you own a share of the boat and it is yours for as long as you wnat to keep it. You can offer your narrowboat share whenever you choose to do so. This site provides independent information about narrowboat boatshare and what is involved in shared ownership of a narrowboat. The site also provides links to sites that have narrowboat boatshare shares for sale. If you see this text about shared ownership of narrowboats, your browser either doesn't support frames or the support it has is disabled. Modern browsers all support frames so you should be able to see the information about narrowboat boat share as intended.