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Andrew and Pippa Cooley have been boating for the best part of thirty years and have owned shares in three different shared ownership boats over the last 15 years. We thought it might be useful to bring together some of the experience and information we had gathered for the benefit of existing owners and for people who are thinking of joining the the shared narrowboat community.

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Andrew & Pippa with Sundowner

Andrew and Pippa enjoyed the share they owned in narrowboat Sundowner

Andrew was a local manager with Ownerships until it hit the rocks in 2010. He then set up an 'interim plan' for the 17 syndicates with their shared narrowboats moored at Tattenhall, which kept the boats cruising over the summer months and until the syndicates decided how they wanted to be managed.

Since then, he has worked with BCBM as an area manager and then to upgrade some of the company's IT and systems. When that work ended he was fully retired and took the opportunity to pull together this website in the hope that it will be useful to existing and prospective owners.

Pippa also helped BCBM deal with the booking arrangements for the ex-Ownerships syndicates that opted for BCBM as their management company.

We've enjoyed putting the site together and we hope you will get some pleasure and use from it too.

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If you have any information that you think could be included on this site, please let Andrew know. You may know of another base that welcomes shared ownership boats, have experience of a boat handling trainer or have a picture that might make a good page heading.