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Advertisements are displayed at random on most pages of this site.

Two types of advert are available:

The resolution is 72 pixels/inch. Advert images may be in .jpg, .png or .gif files.

As we are no longer attending Boat Share Shows and so not incurring the costs involved, it has been possible to halve the cost of adverts:

Management company's adverts are the only ones to appear on the share listings page. A management company advert will always be the first to appear on any page.

All adverts include a link either to the advertiser's website or to an email address.

To advertise, please email or phone 07691 574231

Carrying an advertisement for any company or organisation on the site does not mean that it is endorsed by We will not, however, mention, list or carry advertisements for any company or organisation that we know to be unhelpful to shared ownership boats and their owners.

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If you have any information that you think could be included on this site, please let Andrew know. You may know of another base that welcomes shared ownership boats, have experience of a boat handling trainer or have a picture that might make a good page heading.