Shared ownership narrowboats on the UK inland waterways

Shared ownership narrowboats

on the UK inland waterways

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This list is continually being revised and updated

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The details in this list are compiled from a variety of sources.

Please note that this is NOT a list of shares on offer.

A combined list of shares available from the five main reliable sites here

We would particularly acknowledge the help of BCBM Boat Share,, Carefree Cruising, Ownashare and Jim Shead's Boat Listing - and of the many owners who have checked the details and sent us updates.

Shared ownership boats moored at Great Haywood Marina

Boat layouts are shown as, for example, <S D G B Z E )

This represents, starting from the bow on the left:

S-Saloon, D-Dinette, G-Galley, B-Bathroom, Z-Bedroom, E-En suite

z-Pull-out bed, N-Engine room, C-Boatman's cabin

A reminder of what each block represents is shown when the cursor is held over the block

If the engine is known to have been replaced, the type of engine currently installed is shown with the date of the replacement.

The management is either 'SELF' or shown as a code for the management company and a link to that company's website. Holding the cursor over the code will show the company name.

Boat details last checked on Sunday, 10th July 2022

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Name Len Stern Layout Shares Berths Bkg Engine Repl Loos Mgmt Launch Web Base
Adagio58S/Trad<S D G B Z )156FlexiBeta 431CC2011Aston
Adderbury58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )116ListBMC 1.820132OWNA2001Heritage
Alcedonia58S/Trad<S D G B Z )136FlexiCanalline20171CC2011Aston
Andante60S/Trad<S E Z B D G )106InformalNanni Diesel 4020062SELF2003
Apperley58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBeta 432BCBM2004Kings Orchard
Arthur66Trad<Z E S D G B C )12.56DrawGardner 2LW20082SELF1997Kings Bromley
Aurora62S/Trad<Z B D E S G )12.56ListBeta 432BCBM2014YesBraunston
Avington58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBeta 4320142BCBM2002Gt Haywood
Aylestone58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListNanni 2.22SELF2006Gt Haywood
Beeston Castle58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListNanni2OWNA2005Dunchurch
Benbow62S/Trad<S D G B E Z )126DrawNanni2BCBM2003Overwater
Benbow.62S/Trad<S D G B E Z )126DrawNanni2BCBM2003Overwater
Bittern58S/Trad<S D G B Z )136FlexiBeta 431CC2007Kings Lock
Black Swan62S/Trad<S D G B E Z )12.56DrawNanni2BCBM2003Gayton
Black Swan.59Trad<S D G B Z N )64ListBeta 43SELF2005Cropredy
Black Watch62S/Trad<S D G B E Z )12.56DrawNanni2BCBM2004Dunchurch
Breaking Dawn61S/Trad<Z B S D G )12.54DrawBeta1BCBM2016Overwater
Broadsword62S/Trad<S D G B E Z )12.56DrawNanni2BCBM2002Wigrams Turn
Brock60Trad<S G D B C N )66ListLister/Petter2SELF1991Macclesfield
Bronington58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListNanni 2.22BCBM2007Swanley Br
Brunel57Trad<J G Z B N C )45informalBeta JD31SELF2003Market Drayton
Buccaneer62S/Trad<S D G B E Z )12.56DrawNanni2BCBM2002Caen Hill
Budleigh52Cruiser<Z B S K )72Ad hocBarrus 40hp1SELF2010Gt Haywood
Bulwark55Trad<S D G B Z N )55Ad hocKingfisher1SELF1996
Castleber58Cruiser<Z E B G D S )126ListNanni 2.22SELF2005Kings Orchard
Celtic Kiwi58S/Trad<S D G B Z )126Fixed wksCanaline 3820141SELF2003Wigrams Turn
Centurion62S/Trad<S D G B E Z )12.56DrawNanni2SELF2003Gt Haywood
Chaulden58S/Trad126ListBMC 1.82SELF2000Overwater
Cheddington58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBeta 4320142SELF2000Aston
Chisbury58Cruiser<Z E B G D S )126ListCanaline Kioti 1.82SELF2002Wigrams Turn
City Slicker65S/Trad<S D G Z B Z )46InformalBeta 43SSELF1999Harefield
Compton58Cruiser<Z E B G D S )126ListNanni2OWNA2004Dunchurch
Conqueror62S/Trad<S D G B E Z )12.56DrawNanni2SELF2002Heritage
Cookley58Cruiser<Z E B G D S )126ListBMC 1.82SELF2003Nantwich
Copperkins IISELF1989Streethay
Cotonwood58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )126ListNanni 1.92BCBM2007Aston
Cropredy58Cruiser<Z E B G D S )126ListBMC 1.820042BCBM2001Aqueduct
Dawn Chorus61Cruiser<S Z B D G )12.56DrawShanks 432BCBM2011Aqueduct
Dawn Mist61S/Trad<Z B S D G )12.54DrawNanni1BCBM2014Wigrams Turn
Dawn Til Dusk61S/Trad<S G D B Z )12.56ListBetaBCBM2015Overwater
Dawn Treader61S/Trad<Z B S D G )12.54DrawShanks 431BCBM2011Cropredy
Daydream58S/Trad<Z B G D S )146FlexiBeta 431CC2014Aston
Debdale58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListNanni 2.22SELF2006Alvechurch
Dragonfly58S/Trad<S D G B Z )166FlexiBeta 431CC2006Dunchurch
Dragonfly.58S/Trad<S D G B Z )206Fixed weeksBarrus Shire20191SELF2002YesAlvechurch
Ellen58S/trad<S D G B Z )186Fixed weeksVetus 351SELF2006Dunchurch
Empire62S/Trad<S D G B E Z )126ListNanni 42 hp2SELF2005Gt Haywood
Emscote58Cruiser<Z E B G D S )106ListBMC 1.82SELF2000Gt Haywood
Endeavour62S/Trad<S D G B E Z )12.56DrawNanni2BCBM2006Kings Orchard
Enterprise62S/Trad<S D G B E Z )12.56DrawNanni2BCBM2005Overwater
Eos54S/Trad<Z B S D G )12.54ListBeta 431BCBM2011Reedley
Eos.54S/Trad<Z B S D G )12.54ListBeta 431BCBM2011Kings Bromley
Explorer62S/Trad<S D G B E Z )86DrawNanni2SELF2004Armada
Farndon58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListNanni 1.92OWNA2008Kings Bromley
Festina Lente58S/Trad<S D G B Z )146FlexiCanalline1CC2010Aston
Firefly58S/Trad<S D G B Z )126FlexiCanalline20191BCBM2007Overwater
First Dawn61S/Trad<S G D B Z )156ListShire 4020111BCBM2010Overwater
Forget Me Knot58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )125ListNanni 1.92OWNA2010Dunchurch
Freedom61Trad<J G B Z N )115DrawThorneycroft T9520081SELF1987YesHawne Basin
Fulbourne71' 6Trad13NationalSELF1937Aylesbury
Goosemoor58S/Trad<S E Z B G D )106ListNanni 2.22SELF2005Scarisbrick
Grainne Mhaol43Cruiser<S B Z D G )58Ad hocBMC 1.51SELF1988
Great EscapeSELF
Grosvenor58S/Trad<S D G B Z )126ListBeta 4520112SELF2002Dunchurch
Halcyon58S/Trad<S D G B Z )156FlexiBeta 431CC2007Aston
Happy Days58S/Trad<Z B G D S )146FlexiCanalline 431CC2016Dunchurch
Harmonia65S/Trad<S D G E B Z )12.56ListBeta 432BCBM2013Kings Orchard
Hatherton58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )116ListBeta 4320182SELF2004Gt Haywood
Haversham58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBMC 1.82SELF2000Gt Haywood
Hawksmoor58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBeta 432SELF2005Gt Haywood
Heartsease58S/Trad<Z B G D S )125ListVetus1OWNA2013Kings Bromley
Heddwen58S/Trad<Z B G D S )124FlexiCanalline 42 hp1CC2020Kings Lock
Hera62S/Trad<Z B D E S G )12.56DrawBeta 43BCBM2012Aston
Heron59S/Trad<S G Z B Z )126Fixed weeksShire 401JDBS2010Gailey
Hollinhurst58S/Trad126ListBMC 1.82SELF2005Barton Turns
Honeystreet58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )126ListBeta 4320142BCBM2002Wrenbuy
Huxley58S/trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBeta2OWNA2005Dunchurch
Inglewood58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )106ListNanni 50hp20102SELF2002Wigrams Turn
Invincible62S/Trad<S D G B E Z )12.56DrawNanni2BCBM2007Anderton
Isis62S/Trad<S D G E B Z )12.56DrawBeta 432BCBM2010Aston
Issabella Grace60Cruiser66ListShire 45hp2SELF2007
Jamaica Farewell57Trad<S D G B Z E )124DrawIsuzu 35SELF2006
Jemima D37Trad<B G J )124informalLister SR21SELF1975YesLeek Branch
Kallista58S/Trad<Z B G D S )146FlexiCanalline1CC2012Aston
Keynsham58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBMC 1.82BCBM2002Braunston
Kiewa58S/Trad<S D G B Z )106Fixed wksBeta1SELF2005Streethay
Kindred Spirit57Trad<S G B Z z )4Ad hocBeta 43hp1SELF2002Sowerby Bridge
Kingfisher58S/Trad<S D G B Z )156FlexiBeta 431CC2005Dunchurch
Kingsley60S/Trad<S D G B Z E )124ListNanni N4.432SELF2009Overwater
Kinver58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBeta 4320132SELF2003Alvechurch
Liberté58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )12.56ListBeta 432BCBM2019Alvechurch
Lilaea58S/Trad<Z B G D S )146FlexiCanalline 431CC2015Dunchurch
Little Dawn40Trad<G D B Z )12.54DrawBeta 38BCBM2009Braunston
Longsdon58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )126ListNanni HD2SELF2009Gt Haywood
Madge46S/Trad<S G B Z )124Rotating fixed wksBeta 3820191SELF2000Gt Haywd Anglo Welsh
Maia62S/Trad<Z B D E S G )12.56ListBeta 432BCBM2011Kings Orchard
Mandarin65S/Trad<S D G Z B Z )116Ad hocIsuzu 4220061SELF1993Aston
Marbury59S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListNanni 4.432SELF2007Gt Haywood
Maximus60S/Trad<S G Z B Z )126Fixed wks plusShire 20002017SELF2000Hilperton
Meridian58S/Trad<S D G B Z )206Fixed weeksBeta 3320171SELF2002Nantwich
Middlewood58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )104ListNanni2SELF2010Heritage
Minuet54Cruiser<Z B G D S )124ListNanni1OWNA2011Nantwich
Morpheus63S/Trad<Z B Z J G )6Fixed wksBMC 50OURN2006Gayton
New 2021 boat58S/Trad<Z B G D S )126FlexiCanalline1CC2021Kings Lock
New 2022 boat58S/Trad<Z B G D S )126FlexiCanalline1CC2022Kings Lock
Oakmere59Trad<z S G B N C )12.54DrawBeta JD31BCBM2011Alvechurch
Oasis Too58S/Trad<S D G B Z )124ListBarrus Shire20131SELF1998YesSwanley Br
Odyssey70Trad<B S D G Z N B Z )128ListNanni 2.22SELF1995YesGt Haywood
Omega45Cruiser<Z B G S )104ListCanaline20192SELF1993YesWigrams Turn
Orchid52Cruiser<Z B G S )124ListBMC 1.820121SELF2001Droitwich
Otter58S/Trad<Z B G D S )126FlexiCanalline 42 hp1CC2017Aston
Otter.47S/Trad124ListBeta 381SELF1991Overwater
Padworth58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBeta 4320132SELF2003Overwater
Pendeford58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBMC 1.820122SELF2003Wigrams Turn
Pendlebury58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )46ListBeta 4320142SELF2004Armada
Phoenix66S/Trad<S G D B Z )12.56DrawIsuzu 422BCBM2008Anderton
Phoenix No 162S/Trad<S D G B Z )37Ad hocYanmarSELF2001Calcutt
Pineapple42S/Trad<S D G B Z )74ElectronicShire1SELF2001
Pond Life57S/Trad<Z B G D )54InformalBMC 1.8SELF1992Heyford Fields
Pride Of York60S/Trad<S D G B Z )64Rotating fixed wksBeta 431SELF2008Overwater
Quince45Cruiser<Z B G D )156Ad hocBeta 352018SELF1999Cont Cruis'g
Rivendell58S/Trad<S D G B Z )varies6Fixed weeksVetus 33hp1SELF2004Wigrams Turn
Rodbaston58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )126ListBeta 4320112BCBM2003Aston
Rowington58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )126ListNanni 4.43KC20142BCBM2000Overwater
Rufford58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )126ListBeta 4320112OWNA2005YesWigrams Turn
Ryebank58S/Trad<S D G B Z )126ListNanni 2.22SELF2007
Sandalwood58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListNanni 1.920122SELF1997Barton Turns
Sandpiper58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBarrus Shire 4020112SELF1996Calcutt
Sapphire58S/Trad<S D G B Z )106ListNanni 2.220062SELF1993Wigrams Turn
Sceptre58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )106ListCanalline 4220142SELF1994Ventnor
Scherzo47Cruiser<Z B G S )124ListNanni 1.52SELF1995Heritage
Schipperke58S/Trad<S D G Z B Z )68sequentialNanni N4.40SELF1994Kings Bromley
Scruffy Fox50S/Trad<S D G B Z C )115InformalMermaid MP32720131SELF1990Yes
Serenade58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListNanni 1.52BCBM1994Kings Orchard
Serendipity58S/Trad<S D G B Z )146FlexiBeta 431CC2008Aston
Shadow58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )106ListBMC 1.82BCBM1995Kings Orchard
Shearwater58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )126ListBeta 382OWNA1998Dunchurch
Shelton58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )124ListNanni N4-43HD2BCBM2009Alvechurch
Shropshire Blue57S/Trad<S D G B Z )126ListIsuzu2010SELF2002Gt Haywood
Silhouette58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )124ListIsuzu 4320102SELF1995
Silkwood58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )116ListBMC 1.820072SELF1998N Kilworth
Silver Lining58S/Trad<Z B G D S )126FlexiCanaline 421CC2021Kings Lock
Skylark58S/Trad<Z B G D S )126FlexiCanaline 42hp1CC2018Kings Lock
Sojourn58S/Trad<S G B Z Z E )127ListIsuzu2BCBM1993Braunston
Solace58S/Trad<Z B G D S )116FlexiCanalline 42 hp1CC2013Dunchurch
Solace.58S/Trad<J G B Z Z E )127ListNanni 1.520052SELF1993Gt Haywood
Solong57S/Trad<S B Z B D G )126ListBeta 4320182SELF1997Dunchurch
Somerton58S/Trad<S Z B E D G )126ListBeta 4320132SELF2001Hill Farm
Sometimes58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )106ListBeta 4320092BCBM1999Kings Orchard
Somnia58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )126ListBMC 1.82BCBM1999Wigrams Turn
Sorceress58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )116ListNanni 1.92OWNA1996
Soudley59S/Trad<S E Z B G S )86ListNanni 2.22SELF2005Aston
Soulbury58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )106ListBeta20162SELF1997Aqueduct
Sovereign58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )126ListBMC 1.82SELF1995Chirk
Spellbound58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListNanni 4200he2BCBM1997Overwater
Steelaway58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListNanni 2.220062SELF1996Wigrams Turn
Stella47Cruiser<Z B G S )104ListBeta 3820151SELF1994Wigrams Turn
Still Dreaming58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )106ListBeta 4320122SELF1998Droitwich
Stolen Time58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBMC 1.82SELF1998Barton Turns
Strait and Narrow58S/Trad<S D G B Z )206FixedBeta2018SELF2004Heritage
Streamline58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBeta 4320152SELF1999Dunchurch
Sundowner58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListIsuzu 4220092BCBM1999Alvechurch
Sunseeker58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )56ListBMC 1.820072SELF1996Gt Haywood
Swallow58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )106ListNanni 2.220122BCBM1994YesOverwater
Swallowtail58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )64ListCanaline 4220152SELF2004Gt Haywood
Symphony58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )126ListNanni 2.22OWNA1994Gt Haywood
Tess55Trad<S D G B Z N )66InformalNanni Diesel1SELF1992Calcutt
The Teal58S/Trad<S G D B Z )126Ad hocCanaline2017SELF1998Wigrams Turn
Theddingworth58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )126ListNanni 2.22OWNA2007Nantwich
Tottleworth58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )126ListBeta 4320102SELF2004Alvechurch
Valkyrie60S/Trad<S D G B Z )12.56DrawNanni1BCBM2001Wigrams Turn
Venture50Cruiser<J G B Z )64InformalBeta1SELF2002Aston
Verity60S/Trad<S D G B Z )126DrawBeta 4320141SELF2002Ventnor
Viceroy60S/Trad<S D G B Z )12.56DrawNanni1BCBM1999Wigrams Turn
Victorious60S/Trad<S D G B Z )12.56DrawNanni1SELF2000Swanley Br
Vulcan60S/Trad126DrawNanni 40hp1SELF2000YesAqueduct
Warwick62Trad<S D G Z B Z N )12.58DrawNanni1SELF1993Swanley Br
Whiston58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )125ListNanni2SELF2009Hill Farm
Wigston58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )124ListNanni 1.92BCBM2006Dunchurch
Willoughby58S/Trad<S D G B Z E )126ListBeta 4320152BCBM2001YesAston
Willow58S/Trad<S D G B Z )116FlexiBeta 431CC2004Dunchurch
Winding Down58S/Trad<S D G B Z )126FlexiBeta 431CC2009Dunchurch
Yelvertoft58S/Trad<S E Z B D G )96ListNanni 2.22OWNA2006Kings Bromley
Zenith52S/Trad<S D G B Z )84RotaBeta 19031SELF2001Swanley Br
Zidon 255Trad<S G D B Z N )86ListThorneycroft2010SELF1991

If you know of any other shared ownership narrowboats or can update the details of your boat, please let us know

Boatshare - the shared ownership of a narrowboat - is a cost effective way of enjoying a narrow boat holiday cruising the canals. For around the price of a week's narrowboat hire, you can own a share of a quality narrowboat and cruise for three or more weeks each year. Shared ownership means shared costs. If you own a twelfthshare in a narrowboat, then you pay only a twelfth of the cost of maintaining the narrowboat. Narrowboat boatshare has been growing in popularity for more than 20 years. There are now more than 200 shared ownership narrowboats on the English and Welsh canals. Buying a narrowboat boat share can cost from around £2,500 to £10,000 for a twelfth or 8% share. Boatshare is not timeshare. The boat is owned by a syndicate, and the syndicate has arrangements for choosing weeks on board the narrowboat. Narrowboats are sometimes incorrectly called barges. Canal cruising holidays are one of the best ways to slow down and relax, while enjoying the English and Welsh countryside and its wildlife as well as seeing a significant part of Britain's industrial heritage. Boatshare of a narrowboat means that you own a share of the boat and it is yours for as long as you wnat to keep it. You can offer your narrowboat share whenever you choose to do so. This site provides independent information about narrowboat boatshare and what is involved in shared ownership of a narrowboat. The site also provides links to sites that have narrowboat boatshare shares for sale. If you see this text about shared ownership of narrowboats, your browser either doesn't support frames or the support it has is disabled. Modern browsers all support frames so you should be able to see the information about narrowboat boat share as intended.